Maths level test

1. Is -9 + -1 positive or negative?


2. Harry has Rs 80 in a savings account. The interest rate is 5% per year and is not compounded. How much will she save in 1 year?

3. Estimate the amount of the tip by rounding the bill to the nearest rupee before calculating.

15% tip on a bill of Rs 51.40

The amount of the tip is Rs ______________

4. Change 3/5 to a percent.


5. Piece of gum cost Rs 0.40 each. David buys 10 pieces of gum. How much does david spend?

6. A 4 kg of chocolate candies cost Rs 2045.00. What is the unit price?

7. The quotient of y and -25 is -100. Find the value of y.


8. Sixteen more than a number is 9. What is the number?


9. Two more than three times a number is 20. What is the number?

10. A scuba diver dove 37 feet below sea level and then rose 14 feet. Which expression best describes the situtaion?


11. Change 3.56 * 10^-2 to a standard form.


12. _____ % of rs 65 = 52

13. At 5 A.M. the temperature in Chicago was -2 degrees Celsius. By noon, the temperature rose 9 degrees. Which expression best describes the situtaion?


14. During the 25% off the original price, Gregory pays Rs 300 for a crystal vase. What was the original price?


15. Is 7.861 a whole number?


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