Maths level test

1. Change 3.56 * 10^-2 to a standard form.


2. Is -9 + -1 positive or negative?


3. Change 3/5 to a percent.


4. A 4 kg of chocolate candies cost Rs 2045.00. What is the unit price?

5. At 5 A.M. the temperature in Chicago was -2 degrees Celsius. By noon, the temperature rose 9 degrees. Which expression best describes the situtaion?


6. Is 7.861 a whole number?


7. Estimate the amount of the tip by rounding the bill to the nearest rupee before calculating.

15% tip on a bill of Rs 51.40

The amount of the tip is Rs ______________

8. _____ % of rs 65 = 52

9. During the 25% off the original price, Gregory pays Rs 300 for a crystal vase. What was the original price?


10. Harry has Rs 80 in a savings account. The interest rate is 5% per year and is not compounded. How much will she save in 1 year?

11. Two more than three times a number is 20. What is the number?

12. Sixteen more than a number is 9. What is the number?


13. The quotient of y and -25 is -100. Find the value of y.


14. A scuba diver dove 37 feet below sea level and then rose 14 feet. Which expression best describes the situtaion?


15. Piece of gum cost Rs 0.40 each. David buys 10 pieces of gum. How much does david spend?

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